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Association Management

Association Management

Inspiring is belonging

Associations are the chief ambition of an expanding world. They are communities of common goals, which dignify individual hypotheses and advance collective action. At FREI, we know that associations’ greatest responsibility is providing their members with the confidence that their values are shared; their fights qualified; their accomplishments meaningful. Working with a variety of industries to organize conferences, it is our experience that people need to belong to such a group, to know that someone cares about them personally, as individuals in a group, so as to reach their true potential. This is both our reason and our method for managing associations.

Associations are networks. Working with leaders in various industries to organize diverse actions, FREI has more than 30 years of experience establishing and combining networks. This is the FREI advantage in managing associations. FREI handles all aspects of association management, including expanding membership and strategic planning; executive management; providing financial, legal, and administrative support; sponsorship planning; logistic and IT support; organizing board meetings wherever your needs demand; publishing minutes; and marketing all activities of your association.

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